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Full Fire Sphene Loose Gemstone, Natural Sphene Gemstone For Engagement Ring, August Birthstone, Natural Titanite Stone, 1.15 CT

Weight : 1.15 ct Dimensions : 7mm x 6mm x 4mm Color : Greenish Yellow / Full Fire Shape : Oval Clarity : Eye Clean Treatment : None Origin : Pakistan Hardness : 5-5.5 Birthstone : August Birthstone Zodiac Sign : Sagittarius Birthstone, Scorpio Birthstone, Taurus Birthstone, and Aries Birthstone Full Fire Sphene Sphene Loose Loose Gemstone Natural Sphene Sphene Gemstone Engagement Ring August Birthstone Natural Titanite Sphene Titanite Titanite Stone Sphene Stone Green Sphene Yellow Sphene


When you want to buy Sphene, it's important to know some things so you can choose well. First, look at the color. Find one with a bright green or yellow color, sometimes with flashes of orange or brown. Don't pick stones that look dull or faded. Check if there are any marks or imperfections you can see in the stone. Sphene usually shows lots of colors, so choose ones that look bright and colorful when you see them in good light. Also, think about how the stone is cut. It should make the stone shine and show its colors well. Lastly, buy from sellers you can trust, who can tell you about the gem's quality and if it's real.